Beach volleyball a fan favourite at Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Photo: Copyright of Olympic Information Services

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 11, 2018 - Five days into the Buenos Aires 2018 and beach volleyball has already established itself as one of the must-see-sports at this year’s Youth Olympic Games.

Every day, hundreds of fans, young and old, have been queuing outside the Beach Volleyball Arena to get a glimpse of the next generation of beach volleyball stars.

The line of people snakes up and down outside the venue as more and more people join the queue, not put off by waiting; as long as they get to join the party.

There are worse places to wait than outside the Beach Volleyball Arena; standing in the sunshine, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Green Park.

But it is in the venue where the real action is.

On the court, the young male and female players have not disappointed so far. Thrilling rallies, monster blocks, huge spikes and unbelievable digs have delighted the passionate crowds and brought them to their feet in admiration.

Off the court, in the stands, there is rarely an empty seat to be seen. Thousands of passionate fans have cheered, clapped, sung and danced to create an electric party atmosphere.

In between points, the FIVB’s world-renowned music playlists blasts out keeping fans energised and engaged. The “monster block” and “super spike” actions have become firm fan favourites.

The beach volleyball competition here in Buenos Aires is not just inspiring the next generation of players but also creating the next generation of fans. Young boys and girls make up a significant proportion of those in attendance in the Beach Volleyball Arena. For many of them this will be their first taste of live beach volleyball. After the quality of beach volleyball they have seen and the atmosphere they have enjoyed, it will surely not be their last.

Today more fans will queue again to join the party. The noise coming from inside the venue tells them it is worth the wait.


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